Tools list for Buell XB bikes

Since I’m stripping down and taking apart my Uly right now, I thought I’d create a list of the tools needed, to guide other owners of imperial size bikes in metric countries, and to give some tips that perhaps aren’t made clear in the manual.

Imperial Allen wrench kit
My new toys - very helpful

Jörgen Karlsson on gave me the link to this allen wrench set (as pictured on the right) in the Swedish chain Clas Ohlson, and I have to say I like these tools very much. I can feel how they would bend from trying to pull too much torque through them, but for how they should be used on these bikes, they’re good.

Primary case and innards

To open up the inspection windows in the primary cover, you will need Torx bits, size T27. (This allows you to check the clutch cable adjustment, the primary chain and the fluid level in the primary case as per standard periodic maintenance procedure.)

To open the primary case, you need 1/4″ and 3/8″ Allen head bits. The torque needed for these screws is very low (in the 15-20 Nm range), and their only function is to keep the primary case closed, so I really can’t see the need to worry about torque wrenches and stuff right there, unless you’re really hamfisted.

The engine sprocket nut has a 1  1/8″ hexagonal head. Check for prices when ordering: XL Bygg ordered this tool for me and sold it for SEK 69 while the retail price at Järnia is SEK 320!
The clutch mainshaft nut is a left threaded 1 3/16 hex nut.

N.B: Both are glued in with red Loctite, which needs to be heated to about 200 °C (400 °F) to let go properly. Theoretically you could use a hammer to the same effect, but I have a feeling the alternator magnets behind the cover saying CAUTION – NO SHARP BLOWS all over it wouldn’t like that very much…


The flyscreen and the instrument panel case are released using 1/8″ Allen head bits.

Removing the instrument cluster can be done with an 8 mm hex tool (I’ll try to find the proper English name of it). It may be fastened using an inch size tool, but since there’s no real torque involved, an 8mm bit is OK.

Handle bars

The switchpods are opened using a 5/32″ Allen head bit.

The handle bars are loosened using a 1/4″ Allen head bit. The service manual says to use Loctite 272 (red), so you might need to heat them to get them loose, but I managed with the tools only.

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