Waiting for updated MacBook Pro series

I’ve been following four iterations of the Waiting for Arrandale subject on the forums on Mac Rumors. In short, the subject began as a set of more or less interesting speculations, and quickly deteriorated into one of the most comical displays of desperation I’ve seen since the Amiga period.

So what would I like to see?
I’m looking for something to give the Lenovo T/W-series a match as my choice for my next computer at work, at least in the following areas:

  • Good battery time
  • Increased screen real estate: Much of my work consists of remotely administering servers. I know Cord does a good job in scaling, but please give me a 1080p screen @ 15″, or at least a 900 pixels height @ 13″, so I’m productive even when not docked.
  • A nice and fast processor and ability to address lots of memory. I’m regularly running virtual machines for all kind of things.
  • Stability above all else. My current Thinkpad (a T60, model 2007) can’t stand the heat, literally.

When will they release it? Actually, I don’t really care for speculation – but if they don’t do it this spring, I’ll opt for another Thinkpad, and it’ll be another three years or something until Apple has the chance to see my money in the laptop department again.